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Sold by: Cub Foods (and various other retailers)
Price: $3.49 ($2.50 w/ coupon)
Bag Size: 7 oz.
Servings: 7
Distributor: Frito Lay

                          My Rating: 4.00 B+

Review File:

I first saw the Cheetos Sweetos at a Holiday Station Store in a snack size bag and I knew I had to try them. Apparently, they had released the Sweetos in the beginning of the year around Easter for a limited time, but I had never seen them until they released them for the Winter Holiday Season. Those had been shaped like Easter Eggs, whereas these are just simple rings.
When I took a bite of the first one, it tasted like a cinnamon sugar covered Cheeto. Not necessarily good, but not bad either. The taste actually does get really good the more you eat of them. So it's more of an acquired taste. They actually kind of remind me of the cinnamon sugar twists at Taco Bell (do they still have those?).

The only real negative I have to say about the Sweetos is that if you don't eat them in the same day that you open the bag, they start to get really greasy and the cinnamon sugar kind of melts. They get oily and slimy, and they really don't taste good that way. So I would recommend eating them with a buddy, so that you don't end up with any gross snacks. I had actually eaten my bag over a 6 hour period by myself, which wasn't a good idea, so definitely share them with a friend.

Do the Cheetos Sweetos sound like a snack you would be interested in trying?